Case studies

Hawkins Brown

The Brief:
Hawkins Brown first approached Diverse Matters in late 2019 to meet a need for staff training covering the following topics:

- Dignity at work
- Race inclusion
- Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Equality


Diverse Matters delivered a 2-hour webinar course on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in early 2020.  The positive impact of this training led to the commissioning of an Equality Diversity and Inclusion audit later that year. 

Further training was commissioned the following year; this was a programme of 3 2-hour bespoke training sessions centred around communicating with diverse audiences, which covered the following:

- Inclusive messaging

- Inclusive language and terminology

-  Being authentically inclusive

-  The importance of intersectionality

In 2022, Diverse Matters carried out a review of Hawkins Brown’s salary review policy.

Hawkins Brown have continued to work to enhance and embed their inclusive practices.  This has had a positive impact on the services they deliver and staff engagement.