Case studies

Motor Neurone’s Disease Association

MND Association is a national charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland focused on MND care, research and campaigning. They support a wide range of people affected by motor neurones’s disease from a wide range of backgrounds. 

Volunteers play an important and key role in the MND Association. They support people with MND and ensure that families receive the support and services they need.

As an organisation that supports people with a disability, MND Association wanted to ensure that disabled volunteers were supported effectively. 

Diverse Matters were commissioned to write a practical guidance to support the recruiting managers to effectively recruit and support disabled volunteers. This has supported them to ensure that volunteers are supported appropriately throughout their volunteering experience within the charity.

Training was also provided to the Volunteering and HR team regarding Inclusive recruitment, Unconscious bias and Disability awareness to support the organisation ensure that the widest pool of volunteers and employees were recruited to support the diverse needs of people affected by motor neurone’s disease. In addition training was also provided to wider functional teams/departments regarding Diversity and Inclusion and roles and responsibilities in embedding inclusion.

During 2020 we have continued to support the organisation with reviewing of inclusion policies and delivery of race inclusion/anti-racism training.  In 2021 we have supported with Inclusion Champion training and support.