Recruitment support

There is a wealth of evidence that demonstrates that representation in the workplace matters.  Recruiting a team which has a range of people with different lived experiences, skills and knowledge can only enhance organisations to reach their potential.

We provide a range of solutions to support you to address any gaps in your recruitment cycle to you are reaching and recruiting the best talent.


Recruitment support

We can provide consultancy and training to ensure you are recruiting the right talent for your organisation.  We can support you with:

  • Inclusive recruitment training
  • Inclusive interviewing training
  • Inclusive recruitment audit – reviewing gaps in the recruitment process and providing guidance and recommendations for impactive change (so you can recruit missing talent from underrepresented communities).
  • Support with writing and reviewing job descriptions
  • Being an independent interview panel member
  • Being an independent interview assessor
  • Developing an inclusive recruitment strategy
  • Positive action development support


The above provides an outline of services we can provide.  If the service you require is not on the above list do not hesitate to contact us.