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DM Weekly Digest 15/03/2024


This week we usher in the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims observe fasting, prayer and community and family time. Read more here.


The celebrations come at a difficult time for many Muslims both in the UK and abroad.


‘This time it’s really hard’: British Muslims reflect as Ramadan begins

The head of programmes at the East London Mosque says some British Muslims will be approaching Ramadan with heavy hearts owing to the conflict in Gaza. Read more here.


In Pictures: Palestinians break fast without ‘joy of Ramadan’

Palestinians in Gaza mark a joyless iftar on the first day of Ramadan, against a backdrop of famine and displacement. Read more here.


Ramadan Awareness across Welsh Football and School PE lessons

At a time when sport and exercise can be challenging for Muslims observing the Ramadan fast, the Football Association of Wales have released a resource pack to help enhance the understanding of Ramadan, while also providing some practical guidelines to enable those working in Football the ability to establish a supportive environment for those observing this sacred month. Read more here.


Guidance has also been launched or students in school PE lessons who can't drink or eat while fasting. Read and watch here.


Frank Hester: Tory donor accused of racist Diane Abbott remarks

A major Tory donor has apologised after reportedly saying MP Diane Abbott made him "want to hate all black women" and that she "should be shot". Read more here.


Irish referendums: Voters reject changes to family and care definition

As an update on a story we spotted last week, proposals to alter wording in the constitution to include families which are not based on marriage were defeated with 67.7% voting 'no', the largest vote of its kind in Irish history. Read more here.


Artist defends Tate Britain’s display of ‘undeniably racist’ Whistler mural

Keith Piper says engaging with offensive and traumatic imagery can be important in keeping a clear sense of history. Read more here.


UK Ranks Second-Worst For Mental Wellbeing In Global Survey

According to the 2024 Global Mind Project, British people rank among the most unhappy individuals worldwide. Read more here.


London a no-go zone for Jews? Such harmful rhetoric just doesn’t reflect my experience

Natasha Walter agrees that there’s been a frightening rise in antisemitism in the UK, but that shouldn’t be used as a pretext for the authoritarian banning of marches, she writes here.


In Argentina, feminists and LGBT groups challenge Javier Milei

Activists fear a threat to abortion rights, described by the Argentine president as 'aggravated murder.' Read more here.


Xbox leader for inclusive gaming opens up about her own hidden disability

Katy Jo Wright, how has Lyme's Disease, wants to help people with disabilities and chronic illnesses feel more connected. Read more here.





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