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DM Weekly Digest 21/06/2024

Damning report on racism in the Theatre World

Study found white producers are paid 20 per cent more than Black and Asian colleagues. Find out more here


A study finds the new parliament will be the most ethnically diverse ever

Research for British Future, a think tank, suggests there will be an increase of between 20 and more than 30 MPs in the number of candidates from an ethnic minority background. Find out more here


How Managers can be more inclusive in the workplace

Read the top tips for being an inclusive manager. Find out more here


Thailand legalises same sex marriage

Thailand to become first Southeast Asian nation to legalise same sex marriage. Find out more here


Policing plunged into new race crisis

Police in race crisis as minority ethnic officers end support for the chief constables action plan. Find out more here


Managing Generational Diversity In The Workplace

5 challenges and the strategies to help create a harmonious working environment. Find out more here


Voters with sight loss are unable to vote independently

Sight loss charity RNIB has shown that fewer than one in five (19%) blind voters are able to cast their vote independently and in secret. Find out more here


Court rules that men should be admitted to female-only art exhibition

Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art has relegated part of its Picasso collection to a female toilet cubicle, after a court ruling. Find out more here