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DM Weekly Digest 27/04/2023

Police Federation chair accepts Met is institutionally racist, sexist and homophobic


Steve Hartshorn says making his personal views public is an act of ‘leadership’, after damning Casey report. Read more here.



Turner Prize 2023: Windrush and Covid pandemic inspires nominees


Barbara Walker, Rory Pilgrim, Ghislaine Leung and Jesse Darling are in the running for the prestigious art award. Read more here.



Barbie launches doll with Down's syndrome


Part of its Fashionistas range, which includes dolls who use wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, and hearing aids, this doll is the first to represent someone with a learning disability. Read more here.



Sunday church for LGBTQ Ugandans – in pictures


Gay sex is punishable by life imprisonment in Uganda and a proposed law would impose the death penalty for ‘aggravated homosexuality’. An LGBTQ-led church held in a safe house supporting transgender people in Kampala is defying the threats and providing a space for worship for Uganda’s Christian sexual minorities. Read more here.



Disability, Crime and Hate Crime in the News


Inclusion London's report into how Disabled victims of crime are portrayed in the news shows there is still work to do to root out the disablist ideas deeply embedded in society. Read more here.



EU Diversity Month kicks off with the winners of the 2023 European Capitals of Inclusion and Diversity Awards


This year's winners are spread across seven Member States – Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain – and have been recognised for their work to build fairer societies by promoting diversity and inclusion in terms of sex; racial and ethnic origin; religion and belief; disability; age and LGBTQI rights. Read more here.



Brewdog introduces mental health and neurodiversity policies


Karen Bates, chief people officer of Brewdog, told HR magazine its new mental health and neurodiversity policies have created a safe space for staff. Read more here.



Palestinians condemn EU's von der Leyen for 'racist trope'


It follows a congratulatory video message by Ursula von der Leyen on Israel's Independence Day on Wednesday. In it she praised Israel, including for having "made the desert bloom". Read more here.



‘Our identity is being stolen’: survivors plead for halt to dramas about Grenfell


Residents and members of bereaved families call on BBC and National Theatre to scrap productions. Read more here.




Republican politicians get AI makeover as US states target drag performers


An Instagram account is using artificial intelligence to show Republican politicians in a whole new light to raise awareness of LGBT-oppressive laws in the US. Read more here.