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DM Weekly Digest 17/03/2023

Hunt’s disability plans put 1 million people at risk of losing £350 a month, IFS says


Charities and disability campaigners say chancellor’s budget proposals are more ‘stick than carrot’. Read more here.



Conservative author mocked for being ‘completely speechless’ when asked to define ‘woke’


Conservative author Bethany Mandel was widely mocked after she appeared on a US TV show, and was seemingly unable to define “wokeness” – the slogan some on the right have used as a cudgel against liberals. Read more here.



The disabled villain: why sensitivity reading can’t kill off this ugly trope


For centuries, fictional narratives have used outer difference to telegraph inner monstrosity. As someone who uses a wheelchair, Jan Grue has learned you can’t just edit out a few slurs or bad words to fix this – it’s often baked deep into the story. Read more here.



The charity helping women move out of prostitution into work


The pilot project to help women in Edinburgh out of prostitution and into jobs is run by the charity Sacro. Read more here.



Italy’s far-right prime minister tells Milan to stop registering same-sex couples’ children


Italy has no formal protections for same-sex parents. Read more here.



Inshallah United: ‘If only the Class of 92 had a Nassar Butt instead of Nicky’


If Manchester United had Muslim or Asian representation in the 1990s, an extract from a new book says, it could have led to great things for a generation of youngsters. Read more here.



Colour & culture collide in a celebration of Filipino LGBT youth creativity


Global audiences are being invited to step into the heat, bustle and vibrancy of the Philippines for a joyful celebration of local LGBT youth talent. Read more here.



Neurodiversity Celebration Week: British rower Caragh McMurtry, ironman Sam Holness on being autistic


In Neurodiversity Celebration Week, former British rower Caragh McMurtry and ironman triathlete Sam Holness talk to Sky Sports News about life thinking differently. Read more here.



Deaf twins want you to learn these British Sign Language staples for dating


‘Deafness doesn’t have to get in the way of true love,’ say sisters Hermon and Heroda Berhane, the twins behind the popular Instagram, Being Her. Read more here.



Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtis show how game has changed in Hollywood


Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis' wins at the Oscars give hope to many that Hollywood is putting more value in the acting skills of older women. Read more here.