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How to support your Muslim colleagues during Ramadan

It's important to support your Muslim colleagues during Ramadan & you may look at adapting work for some employees during this time to accommodate different needs. 

Here are a few different ways that you can do this:

  1. Do feel free to ask Muslim colleagues if they will be observing Ramadan and how they are finding it - there is nothing wrong with asking polite and interested questions!
  2. If you have colleagues who are fasting, ask if changing some aspects of work could make it easier for them. Being flexible may help people work when they are feeling most productive.
  3. Try to avoid holding compulsory team lunches or evening meetings, and if you do, don't expect your Muslim colleagues to attend. However, it is fine to eat and drink in front of colleagues observing Ramadan...there's no need to apologise for it but don't offer them any food or water.
  4. Try and create a quiet space in the workplace for prayers, and allowing short breaks, especially if there is not a mosque nearby.

Remember - support colleagues during Ramadan is a vital part of creating a workplace where everyone is respected and valued!

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