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DM Weekly Digest 20/01/2022

Keenan Anderson’s death has exposed the post-George Floyd frauds


In 2020, we were told that the sight of a Black man being killed had moved people to change. The muted response to Keenan Anderson’s death is a bad sign, writes Ja'han Jones here.



Westminster block on Scotland’s gender recognition bill may be gift to the SNP


While young transgender Scots express anger and frustration at intervention, critics doubt the looming legal battle will bring any more clarity. Read more here.  The BBC sets out the sticking points of the Bill here.



Equal pay: Football Association of Wales agree landmark deal


The Football Association of Wales [FAW] have agreed a deal that will see men's and women's senior players being paid the same for representing their country for the first time. Read more here.



FA criticises finding that sacked Crawley manager John Yems was 'not a conscious racist'


Still with football, and the Football Association has criticised its own independent regulatory panel's verdict that a manager was "not a conscious racist" despite being found to have referred to his players' ethnic origin and colour. Read more here.



Can women in Britain ever trust the police again? Here’s what must happen first


The Met’s failure to investigate David Carrick shows how little changed even after the murder of Sarah Everard. It’s time for radical reform, writes Harriet Wistrich here.



Church of England bishops refuse to back gay marriage


The bishops met earlier this week to finalise their recommendations after five years of consultation and debate on the Church's position on sexuality. Read more here.



'People clap for you for getting out of bed when you’re disabled': The Welsh comedy duo using humour to talk about disability


By using comedy to explore the ways they are treated as people with disabilities in their new BBC pilot, Emily Nicole Roberts, 24, and Jake Sawyers, 28, have flipped the script - turning well-meaning able-bodied people into the subject of their jokes. Read more here.



Autistic psychiatrists are an asset to medicine — but we need to better support them


In medicine, attitudes toward neurodiversity remain old-fashioned, writes Conor Davidson here.



How a new generation of gamers is pushing for inclusivity beyond the table


Traditionally seen as a pastime for white male suburbanites, table-top gaming has more recently become a platform for minorities and marginalized people to tell their own stories.  Read more here.



Meet the gay imam changing attitudes from within


An Islamic scholar who broke taboos when he came out is empowering gay Muslims around the world. Hate he was prepared for, but the deluge of support has caught him quite by surprise. Read more here.



Holocaust Memorial Day - 27th January


This year's theme is 'Ordinary People', which confronts the truth that it is ordinary people who are both the victims and the perpetrators/enablers of genocide.  Read more here.