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DM Weekly Digest 15/12/2022

Cost of living: Woman chooses mental health therapy over heating


Hedydd Elias has had to decide between spending up to £100 a week on mental health therapy or heating her home. Read more here.



‘Hardly seen as human at all’: will fantasy ever beat its dwarfism problem?


When Cathy Reay was young, the on-screen representation of fantasy dwarves was hard to watch.  Might Willow and The Witcher change all that? Read more here.



‘I owe my ADHD diagnosis to TikTok’ - Is TikTok helping break the stigma around ADHD?


Priyanka Patel came across a video on TikTok that highlighted the signs of ADHD in women while scrolling on her ForYou page. Read more here.



UN expels Iran from women’s rights body for protest crackdowns


Iran has been removed from the United Nations women’s body, a move pushed by the United States as the Iranian government continues to repress protests across the country. Read more here.



Barbados scraps laws banning same-sex acts


The High Court in Barbados has struck out colonial-era laws that criminalised gay sex. Read more here.



London fire brigade put into special measures over misogyny and racism


London fire brigade (LFB) has been placed into special measures by the chief fire inspector after a report revealing incidents of misogyny, racism and bullying. Read more here.



Tony Hudgell: Family appalled at Gatwick wheelchair wait


An eight-year-old boy who has had both legs amputated was forced to wait hours for his wheelchair to be returned at Gatwick Airport. Read and watch here.



‘Hostile’ refugee policies behind migrant deaths, human rights groups say


Human rights groups have blamed the Government’s “hostile” refugee policies for the deaths of four migrants while attempting to cross the Channel on Wednesday. Read more here.  



'I wish I hadn't survived': Why women are burning themselves in Iraqi Kurdistan


Women in Iraq are facing rising levels of domestic abuse. Cases of gender-based violence have seen a surge of 125% between 2020 and 2021, according to the United Nations.  Read and watch hereWarning - contains upsetting scenes



Positive people: 10 changemakers who made Britain better in 2022


From resettling refugees, to taking on landlords and cleaning up rivers, Positive News brings us a list of grassroots heroes who put hope into action in 2022. Read here.