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DM Weekly Digest 10/11/2022

‘The ultimate enemy is women’ – inside the fear-filled world of incels


The radicalised men Benjamin Zand met making his new documentary left him speechless.  Read more here.



Adam Hills receives MBE for services to Paralympic sport and disability awareness


Comedian, presenter and Warrington Wolves PDRL player Adam Hills has received his MBE for services to Paralympic sport and disability awareness.  Read more here.



Sexism frustrates female drivers: 'Most of them are sitting at home typing'


There are still people who feel there is no place for women in motorsport, female drivers like Beitske Visser experience.  Read more here.



Cop27: ‘It’s humiliating’ – Indigenous voices say they are being ignored at climate summit


A Kulkalgal activist from the Torres Strait Islands has said Indigenous people are ‘fighting for their homes’ as conference discussions focus on climate finance.  Read more here.



Cardiff head teacher who faced racism fights for change


One of Wales' ethnic minority head teachers has told of the racism she has experienced in her career in a bid to bring about change.  Read more here.



Taliban bans women from parks and gyms in Afghanistan


The Taliban is banning women from using all parks and gyms in Afghanistan, further squeezing them out of an ever-shrinking public space.  Read more here.



Netanyahu’s new coalition makes Israeli LGBTQ community anxious


Leaders of the LGBTQ communities are afraid that the religious partners of Prime Minister-to-be Benjamin Netanyahu will curtail the rights achieved after long battles and campaigns.  Read more here.



Experts want you to know that you absolutely can have a baby if you take medication for bipolar


Selena Gomez has shared that she believes she won't be able to carry children, due to her need to stay on medication she takes for the condition.  Read more here.



Bishop of Reading backs marriage for gay couples


By law, no Church of England minister can bless or marry gay couples; but the Right Reverend Olivia Graham has joined another Church of England bishop urging change.  Read more here.



British standard sets out key principles for neurodiverse design


First-of-their-kind national guidelines on designing buildings for people with autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and other conditions have been published which aim to accommodate variations in how people perceive, process and organise sensory information.  Read more here.