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DM Weekly Digest 13/10/2022

Ora Washington: The 'queen of two courts' whose brilliance was ignored


Ora Washington was a champion, a star of two sports, but prejudice stopped her competing for the biggest prizes of the day. Read more here.



Iran protests: Women around the world cut their hair


Around the world women are uniting in protest against the Iranian government by cutting their hair.  Watch here.



Senior female BBC employees say corporation ‘ignored’ harassment by DJ


Four women say BBC failed to act until high-profile man became Alex Belfield target, and still refuses independent inquiry.  Read more here.



LGBTQ Russians Were Putin’s First Target in His War on the West


In Russian President Vladimir Putin’s mind, the war in Ukraine and his decadelong assault on LGBTQ rights are two sides of the same coin.  Read more here.



Hate crime, England and Wales, 2021 to 2022


The official statistics were released this week.  Read more here.



A Katrina survivor with a disability tells her story


Karen Nix tells her story of surviving hurricanes Katrina and Ida while living with cerebral palsy.  Read more here.



Warnings that £150 extra cost-of-living help for those on disability benefits is 'not enough'


Life already costs more when you are disabled, the charity Scope says, adding that even before the crisis, disabled people faced extra costs of around £580 per month.  Read more here.




As part of Black History Month, we wish a Happy Birthday this week to David Haye, John Regis, George Bridgetower and Tessa Thompson among many others.