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DM Weekly Digest 25/08/2022

Create UK public holiday to remember horrors of slave trade, says race expert


One of the UK’s leading experts on race has described the government as “the most racist” in his lifetime, and called for a public holiday to remember the horrors of the slave trade.  Read more here.



AI rapper FN Meka dropped by Capitol over racial stereotyping


A record label has cut ties with an AI rapper after criticism it contained racial stereotypes, including repeated use of the N-word.  Read more here.



Trans community in Poland braces for political attacks as election nears


Poland’s transgender people are bracing for an onslaught of hate speech from politicians before parliamentary elections next year after the chair of the ruling party used several meetings with supporters to launch attacks on them.  Read more here.



Andrew Tate: The social media influencer teachers are being warned about


Teachers have been urged to listen out for children talking about a "dangerous", controversial influencer when schools return from the summer holidays.  Read more here.



'How am I 15 and going through the menopause?'


Sheree will never forget the moment she sat in the doctor's office and learned the news that would ultimately change her life. Watch here.



LGBTQ venues accused of extreme racism in UK’s ‘Gay Capital of the North’


Ahead of Manchester's Pride celebrations, 10 people tell VICE World News they have experienced racist abuse and discrimination in and around the city's Gay Village. Read more here.



Sex, song and disability: raising the roof at the South London Theatre


The Great Variety Pack was organised to raise funds and awareness for the plight of young people with learning difficulties and disabilities (LDD), when their education funding stops abruptly at 25. Read more here.



‘I couldn’t even find enough women to form a band’: Della Mae’s battle for a bluegrass breakthrough


Known for their riotous shows, the Grammy-nominated US group have also been kicking up dust by singing about subjects from domestic abuse to mass shootings and the BLM movement.  Read more here.



Finally, a social media platform that cares about LGBTQ safety: the Spaces app is worth 'following’


Queer Spaces Inc (Spaces) is rapidly becoming an exemplar of social innovation and a force for good. Read more here.



Ethnicity and the heightened risk of very deep poverty


Like poverty in general, very deep poverty is higher for people in households headed by someone of black, Asian and minority ethnicity. Read more here.



Rob Rinder calls out Daily Mail journalist for 'deeply stupid' comment about Black communities


The journalist made his regular appearance on Good Morning Britain to discuss the daily news headlines and brought up the issue of race while talking about the death of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel in a shooting in Liverpool.  Read more here.