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DM Weekly Digest 19/08/2022

Radio 1Xtra's 20th anniversary: 'It shows a plethora of blackness'


When Radio 1Xtra launched 20 years ago this week, it was a station the BBC said "will be dedicated to playing the very best in contemporary black music for a young audience".  Read more here.



EastEnders actress Rose Ayling-Ellis unveils first Barbie with hearing aids


The Strictly Come Dancing 2021 winner features in the new Rose, Barbie and Friends campaign, which includes a number of other diverse dolls.  Read more here.



Police leaders promise crackdown on officers who are abusive to women


College of Policing for England and Wales is planning policies to deal with harassment and racism in forces after string of scandals.  Read more here.



WHO boss suggests racism is reason world's 'worst humanitarian crisis' in Ethiopia's Tigray region gets little attention


Both sides in the Tigray conflict are accused of torture, killing civilians, gang rapes and targeting people due to their ethnicity.  Read more here.



LGBTQ+ comedians on how transphobia poisoned comedy – and how they’re moving on from the bigots


The comedy world has been navigating headline after headline debating whether “punching down” to minorities is acceptable, and as the debate continues, it’s become a testing ground for what free speech and freedom of expression means in a democratic society.  Read more here.



Today’s Anti-LGBTQ Laws Trace Their Roots to British Colonialism


Malavika Kaur Makol, a reporter in Mumbai, has been thinking about the colonial legacy of legal discrimination against LGBTQ people.  Read more here.



A-level results: Deaf students 'proud' after Covid mask struggles


Two deaf students who struggled to continue studying when face masks were made compulsory in colleges say they are proud of their A-level results.  Read more here.



New report details sexual harassment and gender discrimination at Nintendo of America


Nintendo is famous for having a family—friendly image and game that people of all ages can enjoy. But a report by Kotaku paints the picture of a company that's not so different from other gaming giants that had previously been accused of fostering a "frat boy" workplace culture.  Read more here.



This ‘absolutely disgraceful’ advert has sparked misogyny and sexism complaints for implying a woman's infidelity


Crown Paints have found itself at the centre of backlash following its new television ad, which fuelled 215 complaints to the advertising watchdog.  Read more here.



What Neuro-diverse people want their employers and colleagues to know


There is a slogan used frequently within the disability rights movement: “Nothing about us without us.” In his book of the same title, James Charlton explains that people with disabilities know what they need, and as such should be included in decision-making about policies and accommodations designed for them.  Read more here.