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DM Weekly Digest 29/07/2022

England crowned Euro 2022 champions after Kelly sinks Germany in extra time

Records tumbled, emotions raged and hearts burst as England, with a first international goal from Chloe Kelly, defeated the eight-times champions Germany to secure a first major trophy for the Lionesses – and England’s first since 1966.  Read more here.  The team's obvious joy was conspicuous in a rather boisterous press conference!


Trailblazing Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols dies at 89

Ms Nichols broke barriers in her role as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in the series, becoming one of the first black actresses in the US to play a figure in authority.  Read more here.


Monkeypox is not an STD. Calling it that isn't just misleading—it's dangerous

Misinformation surrounding this virus is going to create even bigger problems.  Read more here.


Sir Ian McKellen backs Bolton Pride as he speaks about his youth

Sir Ian McKellen has told how he wished there had been a Pride celebration in Bolton when he was growing up as the town prepares to stage a weekend of festivities.  Read more here.


New Report: MPs call for new Menopause Ambassador to keep women in the workplace

Employers' lack of support for menopausal symptoms is pushing 'highly skilled and experienced' women out of work, with knock-on effects on the gender pay gap, pension gap and the number of women in senior leadership positions.  Read more here.


‘All bodies are beach bodies’: Spain’s equality ministry launches summer campaign

Spain’s equality ministry has launched a creative summer campaign encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to hit the beach, with the slogan: “Summer is ours too.”  Read more here. The scheme has run into trouble however, as several British women have claimed their images have been used without permission.  Read more here.


Kora player Sona Jobarteh: ‘I didn’t want to be told: you are good, for a woman’

Her instrument was the preserve of men for hundreds of years, but the Gambian musician wasn’t fazed. She explains why she ripped up the rules – and is now remodelling African education.  Read more here.


Campus racism: Suspended students 'disillusioned' over photo row

Jemima Sofini and Elizabeth Adelanwa were suspended after they highlighted a slow investigation into a racist picture shared around campus.  Read more here.


UK tribunal rules long-COVID capable of being a disability under the Equality Act

An employment tribunal in the UK has for the first time ruled that a person’s long-COVID is a disability protected by the Equality Act 2010.  Read more here.


Key dates for August

August is the month when we celebrate Yorkshire Day, Sea Serpent Day and World Infinity Day.  Read more here.