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DM Weekly Digest 22/07/22

UK heatwave: Giving birth, working in a sewer - how we coped in the heat


The unprecedented heat and rapid rise in temperature has sparked further concern about climate change and whether this will be the "new normal" for the UK, and whether it will get hotter still. So how have people coped? Read more here.



Made in London: the TikTok star taking on poor social housing


Kwajo Tweneboa watched his father die in a damp, dilapidated flat. Then he took on the system, harnessing the power of social media to make change with videos exposing atrocious conditions in social housing across London. Watch here.



Lewis Hamilton urges final team to sign diversity charter and calls on Formula 1 to 'do more' on inclusion, fan abuse


The charter, proposed by a commission set up by Hamilton, aims to encourage more diversity and help those from under-represented backgrounds enter the sport.  Read more here.



Diversity must be at the heart of equitable AI development


As artificial intelligence becomes a part of everyday life, developers need to make sure that the models it learns from provide an accurate reflection of the real world.  Read more here.



Inaccessible Cities: The experience of those with disabilities


One in seven people worldwide live with some form of disability and many of them face daily challenges that include just getting around.  Read more here.



'Great strides' made in match-day experience for LGBT community at Liverpool


FOUNDER OF LGBT+ LIVERPOOL supporters’ group Kop Outs Paul Amann believes “great strides” have been made in their match-day experience and admits his ultimate goal would be for the organisation to cease to exist.  Read more here. 



‘Everyone else should just go home’ - England's record-breaking Lionesses taking the Women’s Euros by storm


"A massive failure" – That’s what Kenny Shiels, the Northern Ireland manager, believes it would be if England didn’t win the Women’s Euros this summer.  Read more here.




Vatican says they're gifts; Indigenous groups want them back


Restitution of Indigenous and colonial-era artifacts is one of the many agenda items awaiting Pope Francis on his trip to Canada, which begins Sunday.  Read more here.



'As a neurodiverse woman, small talk and networking are a nightmare'


Lina Ali is a a neurodivergent Muslim woman of colour with borderline personality disorder (BPD). Networking confuses her and she hates small talk.  Read more here.



Women over 50 hesitant to progress due to discrimination fears


Research conducted for Scotland’s Fair Work Convention by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) found that older women in Scotland were often reluctant to progress in their careers and were concerned about age discrimination.  Read more here.  The full report is here.