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DM Weekly Digest 07/07/2022

Disability Charity Brands Noel Gallagher 'Vile' Over Glastonbury Comments


Noel Gallagher has been branded as 'vile' by a disability charity over comments he made about his time at Glastonbury Festival.  Read more here.



Pope to give women a say in appointment of bishops


Pope Francis said he wants to give women more top-level positions in the Holy See and disclosed that for the first time he would name women to a previously all-male Vatican committee that helps him select the world's bishops.  Read more here.



Trans rescue: A future refuge for those fleeing violence


Two transgender women in the Netherlands, one American, the other British, have become a vital source of help for trans people in danger around the world.  Read more here.



I help rich people tackle inequality. Here’s how the cost-of-living crisis could be fixed


Wealth inequality is destabilising our economy and threatening the fabric of our society. But it doesn’t need to be this way.  Read more here.



Edgbaston officials investigating allegations of racism in crowd during day four of England vs India Test match


Several allegations of racist abuse in the crowd at Edgbaston on the fourth day of the Test match between England and India made on social media.  Read more here.



Members of the Army LGBT Network share their stories



Major Frazer Stark and Captain Laura Bettison have helped organise the Army contingent's involvement in Pride in London. In their own words, they explain what Pride means to them.  Read more here.



ADHD drug shows promise in treating some symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease – new research


Drugs normally used to treat ADHD improved the overall thinking and understanding of people with Alzheimer’s disease in a clinical test.  Read more here.



Domestic Abuse Commissioner news: early findings show a huge discrepancy of services across England and Wales


Early findings of the Domestic Abuse Commissioner’s mapping work shows domestic abuse victims face massive gaps in accessing services, noting that it is a ‘postcode lottery’ across England and Wales.  Read more here.



Disabled and LGBT: 'Dad had to carry me up the stairs to the LGBT party'


According to new figures from UCAS, more students than ever are identifying as disabled and LGBT, so what are the challenges and intricacies of belonging to both communities?  Read more here.



There’s an antifeminist backlash silencing women – more and more literally


Powerful men are using defamation lawsuits to shut down allegations against them, and anti-choice groups are trying to pass laws criminalizing speech about abortion. Read more here.



Video games are popular as ever. Why aren’t more Black writers hired to cover them?


What video game studios and media should do to increase Black representation.  Read more here.