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DM Weekly Digest 17/06/22

‘Like I was going to be executed’: On board the failed Rwanda deportation flight. 


Taken from cells, restrained by harnesses and made to board a plane, only to be granted a last-minute reprieve by European judges. Read more here.



Tom Hanks says he couldn’t play gay role today ‘and rightly so’


The actor has said that neither Philadelphia nor Forrest Gump, for which he won Oscars in the 90s, would be made in a ‘modern realm of authenticity’.  Read more here.



Nujum Sports, ECB agree partnership to support Muslim inclusion in cricket


Nujum Sports and the ECB have announced a formal partnership which will develop and guide Muslim inclusion in cricket, through training, education and practical guidance.  Read more here.



Inclusion Impact Report 2022: Quinta Brunson, Ziwe and More Champions for Change


Variety highlights advocates for inclusivity who’ve made an impact in the entertainment industry over the past year.  Read more here.



Map reveals where LGBT adoption is still illegal


LGBT+ couples continue to face discrimination across the world when it comes to trying to start a family – despite millions of children living in orphanages.  Read more here.



Child disability: Urgent improvements needed, say grieving mums


The mothers of two teenage boys who died after failures in their care have called on the government to make "urgent improvements" to how children with disabilities are assessed.  Read more here.



Office space must change to avoid burnout of neurodiverse workers


A new BCO research report, Designing for Neurodiversity, released today, examines the impacts that physical spaces have on their users, finding that certain spaces can be disabling because of their poor design and lack of consideration for the diverse needs of users.  Read more here.



Perfume is finally moving away from gender


A new generation of LGBTQ+ brand founders and perfumers are rebelling against the hyper-gendered rules of fragrance blending, and instead creating fluid scents that reflect the complexity of human nature.  Read more here.



MPs to scrutinise sexism in educational settings and music industry as Committee broadens work on Violence Against Women and Girls


The House of Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee today opens two new inquiries as part of its body of work looking into how policies and attitudes in society can change to help tackle Violence Against Women and Girls.  Read more here.



International Women in Engineering Day - 23rd June


An international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering.  Read more here.



And finally....



Diverse Matters has been shortlisted for the Consultancy of the Year Award at the 2022 Inclusive Awards!

Winners will be announced at The Midland Hotel, Manchester on 1st December.  Read more here.