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DM Weekly Digest 13/05/22

Most Jamaicans facing deportation flight came to UK as children, study shows.


Analysis of 20 detained people who could be on flight next week reveals 13 arrived in Britain as a child.  Read more here.



There has been little or no improvement in diversity or inclusion at work.


Newly published research (carried out in two phases, in early 2020 and then in late 2021)  shows that – despite the huge focus on this area that followed the murder of George Floyd and the BLM protests – the workplace is still full of inequality and unfairness, prejudice and discrimination.  Read more here.



Tottenham support Spurs REACH fans' group launch to champion ethnic diversity and inclusion in football.


Tottenham's new Spurs REACH supporters' group will champion inclusion and allow diverse and under-represented voices to be heard in football, says group co-chair Sash Patel.  Read more here.



CGI leader Donna Kelly on gender diversity in the tech industry.

Donna Kelly is the leader of CGI’s South and Midlands business unit in the UK. A passionate diversity leader, sat down with her to discuss the tech industry's attitudes towards gender diversity and how CGI is providing its employees from all backgrounds with a diverse and inclusive workplace.  Read more here.



Kobre & Kim's Swette on gender diversity, returning to work and intersectionality.


Alexandria Swette, a lawyer who specialises in representing high-net worth individuals and institutional clients, talks to Lauren Mason about why there needs to be greater gender diversity within wealth and asset management to serve the narrowing wealth gap.  Read more here.



Travis Perkins Hire wins award for Diversity and Inclusion Policy.


Travis Perkins Hire was recognised for the culture, colleague networks and initiatives that it has put in place.  Read more here.



Long Covid may not always count as a disability, equalities watchdog warns.


Employers should still consider reasonable adjustments on a case-by-base basis to avoid ‘inadvertent discrimination’, experts say.  Read more here.



Workforce Disability Equality Standard: 2021 data analysis report for NHS trusts and foundation trusts.


The Workforce Disability Equality Standard: 2021 data analysis report for NHS trusts and foundation trusts (England) is based on analysis from NHS trust and foundation trusts 2019 to 2021 data returns.  Read more here.



Polish court strikes down two ‘LGBT-free zones’ for ‘gross violation of law’.


A court has annulled two more of Poland’s so-called “LGBT-free zones” for being in “gross violation of the law” and presenting LGBTQ+ people as “evil”.  Read more here.



Government Accused Of Endangering LGBT Lives With Conversion Therapy “Consent Loophole”.


The government has reiterated a pledge to “ban” conversion therapy in today's Queen's speech, but a loophole creates an exception to the ban if it is believed that adults "consent" to the practice.  Read more here.



The age taboo in workplaces means we miss out on talent.


Our obsession with youth, tech and flexibility is leading to a loss of institutional memory and experience, according to Camilla Cavendish writing in the Financial Times.  Read more here.



National Children's Day - 15th May!


National Children's Day UK is all about the importance of a healthy childhood and protecting the rights and freedoms of children so that they can grow into happy, healthy adults.  Find out more here.