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DM Weekly Digest 18/03/22

UK government to scrap ‘BAME’ in response to race inquiry


Response to Sewell inquiry also lays out plans for greater police scrutiny and a ‘model history curriculum’. Read here.


Number of pensioners in relative poverty in UK up 200,000 in a year


Report highlights inequalities in older age groups, and raises concerns for people nearing retirement age. Read more about the report here.


Black girl strip-searched by Met officers at London school tells of trauma


Fifteen-year-old says incident has left her wanting to ‘scream, shout, cry or give up’ every day. This story swept across social media this week - read this harrowing story here.


LGBTQ refugees fleeing Ukraine draw on European network of allies to find housing, medical care


LGBTQ Ukrainians face risks at borders but have been welcomed by LGBTQ community in neighbouring countries. Read story here.


Respected disability campaigner and athlete Simon Green dies


Simon Green's passing was announced by Bridgend Ravens RFC. Sad story here.


Job hunting for neurodivergent people: 'AI recruitment means I’ve got zero chance'


Facial analysis technology is sometimes used in recruitment, but people with autism and other types of neurodivergence say it can be biased against them. Read full article here.


Marvel's first Muslim superhero Kamala Khan celebrated as new series Ms Marvel is teased 


Brie Larson, Mark Ruffalo and Kumail Nanjiani are among the stars of the Marvel universe who have celebrated the move on social media, with The Hulk star Mark Ruffalo praising the franchise for "reflecting the world we live in". Read story here.


Lemn Sissay: Younger self 'would never have believed' OBE honour


Poet Lemn Sissay has dedicated his OBE to his younger self who he said overcame a "dehumanising" time in care. An inspirational story here.


Little Britain removes controversial David Walliams character from episodes


The show has returned to streaming platforms but the scenes deemed 'offensive' have been cut. Have they cut enough scenes? Read story and decide for yourself here.