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Modern Racism

Binna explains that the forms of prejudice we live with today have different names, one being modern racism. Modern racists neither express nor endorse racist views and stereotypes. They believe in greater integration between people. However, modern racists also believe racial equality has been achieved and that we need no further policies to promote equality. If racism has been neutralised, then it’s reasonable to maintain the status quo. For people who think in this way, racism is over and there’s nothing left to discuss. Modern racism reveals itself at opportune moments, is more oblique than confrontational, and often leads to a conflict in our own personal values.

In other words, racial prejudice has not disappeared, it has mutated. Today, racism manifests itself in numerous ways:

- First, avoiding any meaningful contact with the minority group
- Second, practising racial discrimination when the circumstances allow it
- Third, rather than criticising a minority group, those with racist beliefs will attack a policy or action, and use that as an outlet for their attitudes
- Fourth, making a distinction between groups in terms of their ‘values’
Put simply, overt and obvious forms of prejudice are witnessed less than they were and it is comforting to believe that racism is becoming a thing of the past; that somehow we live in an enlightened age where judging people by the colour of their skin is no longer acceptable.