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DM Weekly Digest 21/01/22

We've had a bit of break but the DM Weekly Digest is BACK for 2022, and we're ready to bring you some of the latest news in the D&I world...


Equality Fund launched to make Scottish workplaces more inclusive and diverse


A two-year equality fund has been launched to make Scottish workplaces more inclusive and diverse. Read more here.


Did you know?: Americans remain divided over issues of equality


The latest national survey by Pew Research Center, conducted July 8-18 among 10,221 adults, finds sizable differences between parties — as well as differences within parties — over how to ensure equal rights for all Americans, regardless of their racial or ethnic backgrounds. Read more results here.


New consultation to shape future of Council’s equality strategy


Rotherham Council has launched a new consultation about its approach to ensuring all parts of the community can access, engage with and benefit from services, as part of its new equalities strategy. Read more here.


Government launches review into treatment of LGBT veterans


The government has launched a review into the impact of the pre-2000 ban on homosexual personnel in the military. Read more about this review here.


LGBT military ban: 'I was marched off RAF base for being gay'


A man who was discharged from the military for being gay has told how it gave him the "fire in my belly" to become a voice for change. Read Carl Austin-Behan's story here.


Disability rights pioneer remembered


The life of a disability rights pioneer from Gwynedd is remembered today, on what would have been his 102nd birthday. Read Robert Gwynn Davies' story here.


‘For the first time, I felt free’: Pakistan’s women-led livestock market


In rural provinces, women have always reared animals but are excluded from selling them. A new market is changing attitudes. Read more here.


Improvements are still needed in disability representation in fashion


Fashion is far from the cliquey, exclusive, snobby world it used to be. Both affordable brands like H&M and high-end fashion houses like Dior are embracing diversity in powerful, palpable ways. But the industry needs to make bigger more here.


‘He’s thrown vulnerable people under a bus’: Dismay from campaigners as face masks scrapped


A cheer erupted in the Commons as the prime minister announced mask wearing would become a personal choice from next week, but what are equality campaigners saying? Find out here.


2021 – The year that the neurodiversity movement came of age


Neurodiversity at Work has been building through the last 10 years as a phenomenon with a core in Social Justice and Talent Management. Read or listen to this article here.


Misogyny towards women’s sport common among male football fans, study finds


Researchers have claimed that more than two-thirds of male football fans harbour hostile, sexist or misogynistic attitudes towards women’s sport. Read full story here.


And lastly, Holocaust Memorial Day takes place 27th January. Find out more about the day here - you can pay your respects by lighting a candle at 8pm on the day.