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DM Weekly Digest 13/11/21

FW de Klerk issues posthumous apology for pain of apartheid


Former South African president recorded video message before death at the age of 85. Read more here.


UK deportation flight with four onboard raises questions over viability


Jamaica charter cost equivalent of £50,000 per person, as Home Office hits out at legal challenges. Read the full story here.


British Transport Police apologise to UK black community for corrupt ex-officer


DS Derek Ridgwell’s actions led to at least two serious miscarriages of justice, the Stockwell Six and the Oval Four. Read more about the letter here.


‘It is so normalised’: community in Yorkshire on cricket racism scandal


Cricket-loving south Asian residents express little surprise but much resigned anger towards a club they see as unwelcoming. Read more here.


Records of 320,000 Punjab soldiers from first world war uncovered


Military files of Indian troops left unread in Pakistan museum for 97 years go online. Read more about the records here.


BBC withdrew from LGBT diversity scheme due to ‘risk of perception of bias’


Rhodri Talfan Davies said public trust that the broadcaster can approach ‘very complex areas’ with complete impartiality is essential. Read the full story here.


Oxfordshire MPs fear 'loophole' will allow LGBT conversion therapy to continue


According to NHS England, the controversial practices - sometimes called 'gay cure therapy' or 'reparative therapy' - tries to change someone's gender identity or sexual orientation. Read more here.


Tory MP Miriam Cates launches sinister and misleading attack on LGBT+ charities in House of Commons


Tory MP Miriam Cates has accused LGBT+ charities Stonewall and Mermaids of teaching children “dangerous and contested extreme ideologies” in schools. Read more here.


The workers keeping their disabilities secret


Disabled and chronically ill workers fear they’ll be penalised for revealing their conditions. Has the pandemic helped – or are biases too entrenched? A timely article with disability history month coming up next week - read more here.


The Berkshire bakery helping young people with complex autism told they will never work get jobs


Many young people living with autism are warned they may never be able to enter the world of work. An artisan bakery in Berkshire, is working to change that assumption. A happy news story to end this week - read the full story here.