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DM Weekly Digest 05/11/21

Read the latest diversity & inclusion stories from across the week including Elon Musk's 'humour' that demonstrates tech's sexism problem, the continued abuse received by cricketer Azeem Rafiq and disability access issues at COP26...all in this week's DM Weekly Digest!


‘A continuation of colonialism’: indigenous activists say their voices are missing at Cop26


Activists in Glasgow reject ‘big business’ approach to climate crisis as they commemorate murdered land defenders. Read full story here.


Azeem Rafiq still receiving abuse for speaking out in Yorkshire racism case


Azeem Rafiq has revealed he is still receiving abuse for speaking out about the racism and bullying he suffered over two spells at Yorkshire and said: “We wonder why people don’t come forward.” Find out more about this case here.


Yorkshire cricket’s race row exposes a sport that’s gone backwards


And a bit more on the story above with an opinion piece in the Guardian about the abuse faced by Azeem Rafiq. Read here.


Ethiopia's war one year on: How to end the suffering


Tigray's rebel forces currently have the upper hand in the war that erupted a year ago in northern Ethiopia. Read more on this less reported situation here.


In one tweet, Elon Musk captures the everyday sexism faced by women in STEM


The world’s richest man’s poor sense of humour is exposing how much of a boys’ club tech still is. See the tweet here.


UK police urged to end sexist ‘canteen culture’ to win back public trust


Head of Police Federation says forces have a behavioural problem that must be consigned to history. Read how the UK's police forces can win back public trust here.


Equality, diversity and inclusion statement: interim inspections of children’s homes and residential holiday schemes for disabled children


Read this document which sets out Ofsted’s consideration of how the proposed changes to the way they carry out the interim inspection of children’s homes and how they inspect residential holiday schemes for disabled children (RHSDC) will enable them to fulfil the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 here.


A policy paper: Report of the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council 2021 - Building Back Better for Women and Girls


Read this important report, a result of the individual insights and collaborative judgement of the members of the 2021 G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council here.


Wrong decisions on disability benefits overturned every minute of the working day, campaigners say


Charity Scope has launched a campaign, called Disability Benefits Without The Fight, calling on the government to make sure claimants get the right decision the first time around. An important campaign, read more here.


COP26 news: Toothless net-zero plans and lack of disability inclusion


Organisational chaos continues at the COP26 climate summit, with disability access issues keeping key players out, while the UK’s net-zero business plans are mostly the full story here.


LGBT charities condemn 'abusive' conversion therapy but say Government proposals 'fall short'


The CEO of Manchester's LGBT Foundation called the practise a form of 'vicious abuse' that many LGBTQ+ people have suffered from. Read more about the charity's important message here.