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DM Weekly Digest 29/10/21

This week, Josh Cavallo became the only known current male top-flight football professional to come out as gay. Find out more about this important story as well as a host of other diversity & inclusion news in this week's DM Weekly Digest!


I have been fighting my sexuality’: A-League Men player Josh Cavallo comes out as gay


A-League Men midfielder Josh Cavallo says he knows there are other players “living in silence” after becoming the only known current male top-flight professional footballer in the world to come out as gay. A huge D&I story this week, read more here.


Dwayne Fields, the first black Briton to reach the north pole: ‘I spotted this polar bear stalking us’


A familiar face on Countryfile and other TV shows, Fields escaped being shot when he was barely out of his teens. Now 37, he’s determined to keep exploring the world – and open it up for young people. Read full story here.


Share your experiences of living with agoraphobia


The Guardian community team would like to hear from people who are agoraphobic and what their experience is like living with the condition. Share your experience here.


‘Now is a continuation of then’: America’s civil rights era – in pictures


Doris Derby is a documentary photographer, activist and professor who captured the people at the frontline of the struggle for racial equality in 1960s and 1970s America. Enjoy these brilliant photos here.


Great minds don't think alike: Why companies need to understand cognitive diversity


Companies must do more to understand cognitive diversity and foster a culture of 'constructive disagreement' within their boardrooms to make better decisions, according to a new report published today. Read the report's findings here.


7/7 bombing survivor calls for clampdown on disability hate crime after experiencing discrimination


Daniel Biddle is an entrepreneur, an adviser to governments, police and prosecutors and a campaigner who has made a success of his life in Wales after narrowly surviving the 7/7 terrorist attacks in 2005. Read his story of discrimination here.


Israel to recognise fibromyalgia, a chronic muscle pain illness, as a disability


Patients once sidelined by skeptical doctors now given right to claim state allowance; decision impacts many in south whose illness is thought to be brought on by Hamas rockets. An international story here.


Funding boost helps new Leonard Cheshire disability support scheme expand in Wales


Following a successful pilot scheme, Leonard Cheshire is set to expand its reach across Wales with the roll out of a new disability support scheme. Some good news here.


Archbishop of Canterbury criticises Ghana anti-LGBT bill


The Archbishop of Canterbury has said he is "gravely concerned" by a proposed law in Ghana, which would impose harsh penalties on the LGBT community. Find out more information about this law here.


David Beckham warned £150,000,000 Qatar deal ‘will damage’ his LGBT-friendly image


Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has urged David Beckham to ‘think again’ about becoming an ambassador for Qatar’s World Cup. Read more about this controversial decision here.


Indigenous leaders to push for land tenure rights as climate solution at COP26


Indigenous leaders from around the world are heading to the COP26 United Nations climate summit this weekend, where one of the main topics on their agenda will be highlighting community land tenure as an often-overlooked way to mitigate climate change. Read full story here.