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Diverse Matters' founder recognised in Influential Businesswoman Awards

Natasha Broomfield-Reid, founder and director of Diverse Matters, has been named in Acquisition International's 2021 Influential Businesswoman awards.


While there is still work to be done as far as gender equality goes, recognising influential women, especially in male-dominated fields, is a good step forward. The Influential Businesswoman Awards sole objective is to encourage and support women as they further participate in entrepreneurial endeavours as it is our belief that their participation is vital in ensuring a balanced and forward-thinking economy.


Diverse Matters won the Best Woman-Run Inclusive Workforce Diversity Consultancy - UK award. Natasha had over 20 years experience of working within the D&I field prior to setting up Diverse Matters. This has enabled Natasha to develop and deliver a wide range of programmes to companies focused on bias, disability/mental health, supporting diverse communities, race inclusion and LGBT+ training and more.


Natasha said: "I am so pleased that Diverse Matters has received the recognition it deserves as the best woman-run inclusive workforce diversity consultancy in the UK. I am supported by a great team of people who share my passion and drive to provide a high level of service and to improve diversity and inclusion within organisations."
"Diverse Matters started in 2016 with myself as the consultant – we now have over 30 consultants and growing. We continue our work with organisations to embed diversity & inclusion into their practices!"


Awards Coordinator Jessie Wilson said about the winners: “All of the Influential Businesswomen are not only doing innovative work in their respective fields, but also creating an equal-opportunity narrative for future businesswomen everywhere. To all our winners, I offer my sincere congratulations and we wish you luck for the future!”


Acquisition International prides itself on the validity of its awards and winners. The awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.