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DM Weekly Digest 02/07/2021

Methodist church to allow same-sex marriage after ‘historic’ vote


Vote to change definition of marriage wins overwhelming support but split in Church of England continues


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FROM GEORGE ORWELL TO PRITI PATEL: How Britain Brought its Colonial Policing Home


As the Metropolitan Police is judged to be institutionally corrupt, Hardeep Matharu and Peter Jukes explore how some of the biggest problems still plaguing British policing are embedded in the soil of British colonialism


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'We bought Grimsby Town FC to help renew the place we love' - Jason Stockwood


"Many clubs have been unmoored from their communities. My business partner and I want to change that in our home town"


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8 CEOs leading on ethnic diversity met His Majesty the King Filip of Belgium


“We need social inclusion and employment of Belgians with foreign backgrounds. If we continue as we do now it is dangerous for our future and society”


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Leighton Park appoints diversity and inclusion officer


An independent school in Berkshire has appointed its first diversity and inclusion officer, in what it has called a “pioneering move in the independent school sector”


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How Nintendo are blazing trails when it comes to LGBT+ rights for staff in Japan


In its newly published Corporate Social Responsibility report, Nintendo has outlined its internal commitment to diversity and inclusion.


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UN report urges to end ‘impunity’ for police brutality against black people


A UN report compiled in the aftermath of George Floyd's death about racial justice has called on member states including the UK to end the “impunity” afforded to police officers who violate the human rights of black people.


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And here are the key dates for your calendar this July. A mix of national days and key religious dates that you may need to be aware of:

3rd Saint Thomas the Apostle – Christian International Day of Friendship