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DM Weekly digest 31/5/24

Deafness discrimination

Employment tribunal concludes that a deaf man was subjected to unlawful behaviour at the hands of Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) staff.  Read more here.


Where are you really from?

People need to realise it is unacceptable to question where someone is really from  based on appearances. Woman tells how she responds to the question she dreads here.



Black women facing femicide crisis 

New figures reveal that black women have higher rates of femicide in London than other ethnic groups. Read more here.



Over 3 in 5 menopausal women face discrimination in the workplace

Menopausal women continue to experience bias in the workplace, despite heightened awareness of menopause discrimination. Society still has a lot of work to do. Read more here.



Industries must prioritise accessibility plans

Despite strides being  made within some of the most popular industries in the UK  there are some where greater focus be applied to their accessibility plans.  Read more here.



Inaccessible ticket site for people with sight loss 

A Girls Aloud fan says getting the tickets to their concert was such a stressful experience he nearly missed out on going.  Read more here.



Metro disabled access 'shame' for Paralympic Paris

A French disability charity states more should have been done to improve accessibility on Paris's underground trains network ahead of the Paralympics. Read more here.



American Airlines sued for racial discrimination

Three black men, who were not seated together and did not know each other allege that they were briefly removed from a flight after a complaint about body odour. The men say that every black man was removed from the flight. Read more here.