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DM Weekly Digest 02/02/2024

LGBT+ History Month 2024

This year's theme is Medicine – #UnderTheScope - which will celebrate LGBT+ peoples’ contribution to the field of Medicine and Healthcare both historically and today. Read more here.


‘Chaos campaign’: how an Armenian enclave became the center of an anti-LGBTQ+ battle

As rightwing activists target schools across the US, queer Armenians in Los Angeles are once again fighting for acceptance. Read more here.


Same-Sex Marriage Bill in Greece welcomed as a ‘Beginning’

Greek MPs will debate a government bill next month that will extend the rights offered to same-sex couples and parents, but stops short of full equality. Read more here.


Transgender, non-binary, gender-diverse people more likely to have a long-term mental health condition, says study

The study combined data from the 2021 and 2022 waves of the English GP Patient Survey, which in 2021 introduced more answer choices to questions on gender identity. Read more here.


Celebrating James Baldwin

On Thursday, Google celebrated the American writer and civil rights activist James Baldwin, who is widely remembered for his many literary works, which often explored themes of social justice. Read more here.


Why can’t white America leave Black children’s hair alone?

A Texas school is punishing a teenager for wearing his hair in neat locs. How is this still happening in 2024, asks Tayo Bero? Read more here.


'Women sit next to abusers at music industry parties' MPs warn

The music industry is still a "boys' club" where sexual harassment and abuse are common, MPs warned in a report. Read more here.


Women and girls make history at Up Helly Aa fire festival

Shetland's famous Up Helly Aa fire festival has seen the traditional dramatic burning of a replica Viking ship for 143 years.  On Tuesday, women and girls were allowed to join the Viking 'squad' - which escorts the ship on its final journey - for the first ever time after over 30 years of campaigning. Read and watch more here.


The Apprentice star apologises for Israel social media posts and denies antisemitism

Asif Munaf, a doctor from Sheffield who has also appeared on BBC One show Dragons’ Den, has apologised and received ‘specialist training’ after sharing controversial ‘anti-Semitic and misogynistic’ posts on social media. Read more here.


Elmo responds to outpouring of angst on social media

When Elmo, the Muppet, innocently asked people how they were on X (formerly Twitter), thousands of users replied, sharing their grief and despair. Read more here.