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DM Weekly Digest 19/01/2024

‘I will pretend not to be me’: Russia cracks down on LGBTQ+ community

Less than 48 hours after ‘global LGBTQ+ movement’ banned for being extremist, LGBTQ+-friendly bars in Russia were raided. Read more here.


Mar Galcerán makes history as first parliamentarian with Down's syndrome

Spain has celebrated a historic milestone after Mar Galcerán became Spain’s first parliamentarian with Down’s syndrome. Read more here.


Zayn Malik: Fans rejoice at ex-One Direction member's Urdu single

Zayn Malik's collaboration with popular Pakistani band Aur has given fans much to celebrate - with many psyched that the British singer is fluent in Urdu. Read more here.


'I'm cutting my maternity leave because of rising costs'

For many parents maternity leave offers important bonding time with a new baby but for some the financial loss is starting to outweigh the personal gain. Read more here.


Femicide in Kenya a national crisis, say rights groups

At least four women have been murdered since the start of the year, leading to accusations of government inaction. Read more here.


Families of posthumously cleared men call for new law on corrupt police officers

British Rail workers Basil Peterkin and Saliah Mehmet died with convictions after British Transport Police (BTP) officer Detective Sergeant Derek Ridgewell accused them of theft from a site he later admitted stealing from. Read more here.


School prayer ban restored order says 'Britain's strictest headteacher'

She made the statement amid a legal challenge at the High Court from a Muslim pupil who alleges that the school’s decision is discriminatory. Read more here.


The disabled traveller market represents billions in untapped revenue

We have frequently shared stories about the challenges faced by disabled people when travelling or holidaying.  Finally, it appears that some destinations are realising disabled tourists are a major, underserved segment. Read more here.


Actor Kit Harington reveals he was diagnosed with ADHD while in rehab

The Game of Thrones actor has revealed he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) while trying to get sober in rehab. Read more here.


Racism activist Stephen Higgins dies after health battle

Higgins was the chairman of not-for-profit group Bury St Edmunds for Black Lives (BSE4BL) in Suffolk. Read more here.