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DM Weekly Digest 17/11/2023

Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights – in pictures

Across the world, people are celebrating the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. Words and pictures here.


‘Feminisation of poverty’: France’s cost-of-living crisis is hitting women hardest

Poverty is worsening in France and women and children are the main victims, the charity Secours Catholique has warned in its annual report. Read more here.


Grime Kids: 'We want to inspire young black and ethnic kids'

Grime Kids follows a group of mates hoping to make it big in the music scene. Read more here.

A review of the first episode is here.


People with suspected ADHD are facing a crisis in the UK

new research from Mamedica has found that not only are the 2.6 million people diagnosed being left behind but a further 4.5 million Brits believe that they have undiagnosed ADHD. Read more here.


Disabled man without hands or legs is left without carers

A man born without hands or legs has been told he will soon no longer get a daily visit from a care worker to help him shower and get dressed. Read more here.


Lenny Rush on his Bafta, swearing and living his best life: ‘I love being little. I’m lucky’

Rush, who has spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita, a form of dwarfism, has become one of the most prominent young actors in Britain. Read more here.


Poland's LGBT community hopeful era of hate speech is over

In last month's elections, the conservative Law and Justice party, or PiS, lost its majority. If an opposition coalition takes over as expected, LGBT activists are hoping for a change in both tone and policy. Read more here.


Pope Francis fires conservative Texas bishop who opposed LGBTQ reforms

Meanwhile, the Pope this week forcibly removed a conservative Texas bishop who had been a staunch critic of his progressive reforms of the Catholic Church. Read more here.


Millions of women to be offered free contraceptive pills in pharmacies without seeing GP

The move will give women greater choice over where to get the pill and will free up appointments in GP surgeries. Read more here.


Irish woman inspired to return African and Aboriginal antiquities by Guardian article

Isabella Walsh, 39, from Limerick, has contacted embassies and consulates in Dublin and London to repatriate 10 objects, including spears, harpoon heads and a shield, after she read about other cases in the newspaper. Read more here.



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