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DM Weekly Digest 10/11/2023

UK government accused of “frightful negligence” after ‘conversion therapy’ ban excluded from King’s Speech

Five years since the UK government first promised to ban so-called ‘conversion therapy’, campaigners fear that no legislation will ever materialise under Rishi Sunak’s leadership after there was no mention of it in the King’s Speech. Read more here.


Hungary museum director sacked over LGBTQ+ exhibition

Continuing a story we spotted last week, Lazlo Simon, the director of Hungary’s National Museum in Budapest has been dismissed after allowing under-18 visitors into an LGBTQ+ exhibition. Read more here.


'Hatred will never ever win': Schwarzenegger addresses antisemitism

Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke this week about growing up around antisemitism after receiving the "Award of Courage" from the Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles. Watch here.


‘Best of both sides’: Berlin’s Israeli-Palestinian restaurant that won’t give in to fear

The restaurant, Kanaan, reputedly serves some of Berlin's best hummus. Now, the Israeli and Palestinian co-owners will be meeting with Germany's President to discuss ways to address local tensions sparked by the Middle East conflict. Read more here


'There's disgusting behaviour at my branch'

An employee at McDonald's says she is still witnessing "disgusting behaviour", months after the BBC revealed sexual abuse claims at the fast food chain. Read more here.


Students reveal 'cruel practices' at drama schools across UK

Sky News has spoken to a number of drama school students about bullying, sexual misconduct and cruel practices they experienced. Watch here.


Anger, energy and art: Feminist artists once snubbed get major exhibition at Tate Britain

The explosion of creativity inspired by the Women’s Liberation Movement was snubbed by the art world, but is now on display at the Tate Britain. ‘Women in Revolt!’ brings together art and activism. Watch here.


Met police detective who sent racist messages allowed to keep her job

The detective sergeant was investigated over the messages sent to her then partner, who eventually reported them to police professional standards’ investigators. Read more here.


Transgender people can be baptised and be godparents, Vatican says

The move follows attempts by Pope Francis to make the Church more welcoming to LGBT people. Read more here.


Wheelchair user feels 'violated' by disability comments

Wheelchair user Bethany Handley, 24, faces intrusive questions every day and has even been pushed out of the way by strangers. Read more here.