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DM Weekly Digest 05/10/2023

Akyaaba Addai-Sebo: the shocking conversation that led him to start UK Black History Month

One morning in late 1985, Akyaaba Addai-Sebo walked into work and had a casual conversation with a colleague that would change the trajectory of British society. Read more here.


Belfast-based director aims to 'shine a light' on Black communities

In Belfast, director and photographer Tolu Ogunware has told UTV he wants to uncover more stories from Black and ethnically diverse communities to benefit Northern Ireland. Read more here.


Pointe Black: the London ballet school breaking racial barriers – in pictures

‘I wanted there to be a black environment. I wanted there to be people who looked like me. I wanted there to be a teacher that looked like me,’. Read more here.


Mary Seacole honoured as first Jamaican-British woman on Royal Mint coin

Leading equalities campaigner Patrick Vernon says a commemorative coin is “not good enough” and her image should appear on legal tender. Read more here.


Dead soldier suffered relentless sexual harassment - Army report

A female teenage soldier is believed to have taken her own life after relentless sexual harassment by one of her bosses, an Army investigation has found. Read more here.


Recorded hate crimes in England and Wales treble in past decade

Although the overall trend is downward, religiously motivated hate crimes and those against transgender people have increased. Read more here.


Politicians criticised for 'toxic' language as religious and transgender hate crimes increase

Many put the blame squarely at the door of politicians, such as Tory London Assembly member Andrew Boff, who was ejected from the Conservative Party Conference after he was heard saying: "Trash about gender ideology is making our Conservative Party look transphobic and homophobic." Read more here.


Susan Hall criticised for suggesting Jewish people scared of Sadiq Khan

Boff is a potential candidate for London Mayor, along with Susan Hall, who this week was riticised for suggesting Jewish people are scared by current Mayor Sadiq Khan. Read more here.


Disabled woman had to sleep on Travelodge cafe sofa after room error

"The hotel made me feel like I was the problem for being a wheelchair user", the woman said. Read more here.


Lisa Simone on loving and fearing her mother Nina: ‘On my 16th, she cursed the day I was born’

As the only child of the legendary musician and civil rights activist, Lisa Simone experienced her mother’s brilliance – and her rage. She talks about the joy, the pain and how they finally made peace. Read more here.