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DM Weekly Digest 27/07/2023

Sophia Duleep Singh: Indian princess who fought for women to vote in UK


Sophia Duleep Singh, a princess who fought for women's voting rights in the UK, remains a little-known figure in India, the country of her ancestry. Read more here.



'You have to work twice as hard': South Asian cricketers on the ongoing battle for equality


ITV News Anglia's Andy Ward looks at why there's a lack of Asian players in professional cricket - and what's being done about it. Read and watch here.



India could soon become the second country in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage


India's LGBTQIA+ community numbers around 135 million, campaigners say. Read more here.



BBC apologises for LGBTQ+ question to Morocco’s football captain


Broadcaster says reporter asked ‘inappropriate’ question before women’s World Cup match. Read more here.



Dr. Mod Helmy's 122nd Birthday


This week, Google marked the birthday of Mohammed Helmy, an Egyptian medical doctor who is widely considered a humanitarian for his work during the Holocaust helping many Jewish people escape persecution and providing them with medical care. Read more here.



Russia bans medically changing gender to protect 'family values' 


In a blow to Russia's LGBTQ+ community, the Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a legislation that bans people from officially or medically changing their gender. Watch here.



Colonisation by British 'luckiest thing' to happen to Australia - John Howard


The former Prime Minister's remarks were made in relation to a historic referendum due to take place this year on Indigenous recognition. Read more here.



Paralympic medalist left in tears by treatment on West Coast Main Line


In what seems to be a recurring theme, Paralympic medallist Ellie Challis has called for improved treatment for people with disabilities from the operators of the West Coast Main Line. Read more here.



Open Consultation: Disability Action Plan 2023 to 2024


The UK Government is seeking views on the proposed Disability Action Plan and the new areas for action it includes. Read more here.



Call for Evidence: The escalation of violence against women and girls


The Women and Equalities Committee has launched a new inquiry to understand whether men who commit certain types of crime and non-criminal offences have a higher potential to commit serious acts of violence against women. Read more here.