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DM Weekly Digest 21/07/2021

Visual Guide to the Women's World Cup


The 2023 tournament is being jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand, between 20 July and 20 August. It features 32 nations for the first time, having been expanded from 24 teams, with 64 matches taking place at 10 different venues across nine cities. Read more here.



Dame Kelly Holmes among campaigners welcoming LGBT military treatment apology


Honorary Colonel and Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes, who served in the Army and came out as gay last year, was among those who welcomed the Government's commitment to addressing the mistreatment faced by veterans. Read more here.



Roald Dahl museum acknowledges author’s antisemitism


The Roald Dahl museum has acknowledged the author’s antisemitism in a statement published on its website and to be displayed on a panel at its entrance. Read more here.



Iran’s ‘morality police’ resume patrols 10 months after nationwide protests


Almost 10 months after Mahsa Amini died in police custody, triggering weeks of protest across Iran, police vans are again patrolling the country’s streets looking for women who are not wearing the hijab “correctly”. Read more here.



Heathrow rated poor over access for disabled passengers


The findings have been announced as part of the regulator's Airport Accessibility Report, which assesses efforts at 26 of the UK's largest airports to provide disabled passengers and those with mobility problems a standard of service they are entitled to. Read more here. The full report can be read here.



Cardiff City Hall to host major diversity, equality and inclusion conference


The ‘Mastering Diversity’ conference will take place on September 18, 2023, at Cardiff City Hall. It is the first multi-disciplinary conference of its kind to take place in Wales and is set to bring together a diverse group of people from public and commercial life to discuss the importance of diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging within Welsh communities. Read more here.



Workers demand more diversity at game maker Roblox


Current and former employees say Roblox’s efforts to make the company more diverse have not gone far enough. Several women tell Bloomberg that CEO David Baszucki is not making diversity a priority. Watch here.



Same-sex marriage: Law change gave Saudi man 'life full of sunshine'


A man who left Saudi Arabia to marry a man in the UK said he thought his life would be lived "in a tunnel" but it is now full of "sunshine and rainbows". Read more here.



‘No more’: Anti-racism group to monitor UK police after scandals


The Alliance for Police Accountability is launched in the UK on the heels of explosive scandals linked to the country’s police force. Read more here.



Eunice Newton Foote


This week, Google celebrated the 104th birthday of American scientist, inventor, and women's rights campaigner Eunice Newton Foote, who pioneered research into what has become known as the Greenhouse Effect. Read more here.