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DM Weekly Digest 14/07/2023

Finnish far-right finance minister accused of racist online comments


Riikka Purra says she will not resign after being linked to racial slurs and threats of violence made in 2008. Read more here.



'You've got your own sports, anway'


Comedian Maisie Adam talks about her love of football ahead of the Women's World Cup 2023. Listen here.



Women's World Cup 2023: When does it start and how can I watch it?


Meanwhile, the BBC gives a full run-down of the tournament here.



‘Miscarriage? Take sick leave’: global health organisations are failing their female staff


The Global Health 50/50 campaign, which works for gender equality in global health, found that only one of 197 organisations it studied had workplace policies for menstruation, menopause or abortion. Read more here.



Newborn babies from black, Asian and ethnically diverse communities could be at risk due to decades-old skin colour test


The report, from the NHS Race and Health Observatory said that the Apgar test - which assesses the health of a minutes-old baby - is not fit for purpose as it is "mainly based on white European babies". Read more here.



UN human rights body takes up concerns about Quran burnings in Europe


The U.N. human rights chief used a special debate on burnings of the Quran in Sweden and other European countries to tread the fine line between freedom of expression and respect for religious belief. Read more here.



Taylor Swift: Disabled fans struggle to get Eras Tour Wembley tickets


Tickets for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour are the most in demand in the UK right now, but for disabled fans trying to grab a place for shows at Wembley Stadium, it's been an even tougher experience. Read more here.



Sexual harassment and abuse of female students and staff a serious problem in education, find MPs


This report by the Women and Equalities Committee considers how effective schools, colleges and universities are at keeping girls and women safe and addressing attitudes that underpin violence against women and girls. Read more here.



The video game that made me feel seen as a trans person


2020’s Tell Me Why from French studio Don’t Nod remains the best trans story in games – and we could use more of them, writes Ceridwen Millington here.



Wimbledon: Paraffin, matches and the plot to burn down All England Club


No, it wasn't over a bad line-call - read more here.