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DM Weekly Digest 07/072023

Stephen Lawrence case: Retired detectives will not face prosecution over inquiry


Four retired detectives who ran the first Stephen Lawrence murder investigation will not face criminal charges for their actions in the case. Read more here.



France sees itself as colourblind – so how do the French talk about race?


Almost a week of riots followed the fatal police shooting of a teenager with North African roots on June 27, once again exposing fractures along racial lines and between residents of the city’s suburbs (banlieues) and those who police them.  Read more here.



Discrimination in Cricket: cheat-chat cannot be allowed to drown-out calls for change


With a damning report finding that racism is entrenched in cricket, Shamik Das explores how it is impossible to separate sport from society and what is required for transformative change. Read more here.



Westminster: House of Commons culture still 'predatory', say staff


A "predatory culture" still exists around the House of Commons, with inappropriate flirting and sexual misconduct still prevalent, staff say. Read more here.



Sex education must engage boys to tackle harassment - MPs


Meanwhile, the Women and Equalities Committee is calling for these lessons to be made compulsory in sixth forms and colleges. Read more here.



‘We’re contemporary, we’re traditional, we’re unique’: the African photographers rewriting the rules


From female bikers decked out in pink to dreamy desert tableaux, a new exhibition replaces two centuries of western influence with Africans’ own liberated visions. Read more here.



The Met Office: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Progress Report 2022-23


'We aim to be transparent in our diversity and inclusion approach ensuring our progress and improvement can be clearly seen by our staff, public and customers', writes Non-Executive Director Professor Anusha Shah. Read more here.



Rosie Jones Channel 4 documentary criticised for using ableist slur


The documentary, which aims to educate viewers on the abuse disabled people face, dives into the daily, online abuse Jones herself faces. Read more here.



Peaky Blinders criticises Ron DeSantis campaign for using footage of show in anti-LGBT video


Anti-LGBT video promoted by Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign used unauthorised clips from Peaky Blinders. Read more here.





4 July - Start of Sawan 


The holy month is dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. It is believed that observing prayers, fasting, and other rituals during this month pleases Lord Shiva and in return, he grants devotees his blessings and divine grace. Read more here.


12 July - Malala Day


Malala Day is celebrated every year on July 12 to celebrate the birthday of activist Malala Yousafzai. Malala Day was designated by the United Nations to honour the young woman who has been advocating for women's education for years. Read more here.



15 July - World Youth Skills Day


World Youth Skills Day is celebrated on 15 July every year to raise awareness about the importance of technical, vocational education & training and the development of other skills relevant to both local and global economies. Read more here.



18 July - International Nelson Mandela Day


International Nelson Mandela Day is observed on 18 July every year. The day celebrates Mandela's life and legacy in a sustainable way that will bring about the needful changes. Read more here.