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DM Weekly Digest 16/06/2023

 ‘They’re caving to bullies’: queer influencers in the US say brands have gone quiet


In a continuation of last week's story, influencers say they have seen fewer companies seeking partnerships amid boycotts and an assault on LGBTQ+ rights. Read more here.



Organisers of ‘world’s shortest Pride march’ say it will ‘leave a legacy’


A housing estate in Warwickshire completed its ‘brilliant and amazing’ 90-metre Pride March on Saturday, and has plans to become a new Guinness World Record next year. Read more here.



‘Maybe I’m a prude now!’: Graham Norton on drag, dreams, death and desire


The genial face of chatshow TV is back with Queen of the Universe. He discusses the joy of Eurovision, his late start as a novelist – and his even later marriage. Read more here.



Janelle Monaé's sensuous new album fights back at anti-LGBTQ laws


Janelle Monaé says her sensuous, hedonistic new album is a riposte to conservatives who want to suppress expressions of black, queer pleasure. Read more here.



Windrush stamps unveiled


The Royal Mail are issuing eight new stamps to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Windrush landing in 1948. Read more here.



The forgotten migrant ships that came before Windrush 


Far less is known about the two ships that arrived before the Windrush, carrying smaller but still significant numbers of migrants. Read more here.



Demands for abortion law reform after mother jailed in England


A 44-year-old was given a 28-month extended sentence after she admitted illegally procuring her own abortion late in her pregnancy. Read more here.



The women fighting Japan’s sexual violence stigma


Rina Gonoi was sexually assaulted by fellow soldiers during her time in Japan's army. Read more here.



Disability campaigners criticise plans for Bristol footbridge


Disability campaigners have criticised repairs to a footbridge that will make it inaccessible for wheelchairs and children's buggies. Read more here.



England's overlooked 2005 Ashes win: 'Everyone thought we were the Wags'


A few weeks before England's men sealed their first Ashes victory in 19 years - an iconic moment revisited in new BBC Sport documentary How to Win the Ashes - England's women ended their own 42-year wait for a Test series victory against Australia. Read more here.