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DM Weekly Digest 09/06/2023

Parades but no public posts: which brands are supporting Pride in the wake of backlash?


Some brands have maintained a strong commitment to visibly supporting the cause, but others are celebrating more quietly than last year – for instance, sponsoring parades but ignoring Pride on their social media accounts. Here’s what we know about their plans for 2023. Read more here.



England cricketers become first LGBT couple to read CBeebies bedtime story


England cricketers  Nat and Katherine Sciver-Brunt will become the first LGBT couple to feature on CBeebies Bedtime Stories, as part of Pride month. Read more here.



From DWP disability benefit cruelty to child hunger, The Full Monty shows a welfare system stripped bare


The new Disney+ series of The Full Monty is heartwarming, funny and an indictment of a welfare system stripped of compassion, care and cash. Read more here.



Working as a mental health first aider in games


Inflexion Games' Wyatt Fleming shares why MHFA is important for game studios, the benefits of a specialized course, and what you can do to help your staff. Read more here.



‘Children with ADHD are being failed’: parents share their experiences of an overwhelmed system


Since the pandemic there has been a steep rise in cases of ADHD among children. Experts discuss why, parents describe their struggles and campaigners say what needs to change. Read more here.



Australia to introduce national ban on Nazi symbols


Australia has announced it will introduce a national ban on Nazi symbols, in an effort to crack down on far-right groups. Read more here.



Eurovision legend Loreen embraces ‘freedom’ of being queer as she stuns on Rolling Stone cover


The icon is fresh off the back from winning the song competition last month, which was held in Liverpool on behalf of last year's winners Ukraine. Read more here.



Ethnic minorities believe racism in NI has risen since Brexit, report finds


The report by the Equality Commission explores the "actual, perceived, and potential socioeconomic impacts of Brexit on minority ethnic and migrant people in Northern Ireland" and highlights a perception among minority communities that Brexit has led to an increase in racism. Read more here.



Egypt cancels Dutch museum's dig licence for exhibition exploring Black culture


Egypt’s ministry of antiquities has retracted a Dutch museum’s licence for an archaeological dig for displaying them in an exhibition on how ancient Egypt has influenced modern Black musicians. Read more here.



NHS equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) improvement plan


This improvement plan sets out targeted actions to address the prejudice and discrimination – direct and indirect – that exists through behaviour, policies, practices and cultures against certain groups and individuals across the NHS workforce. Read more here.