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DM Weekly Digest 19/05/2023

Is Martha Stewart’s Sports Illustrated cover a diversity breakthrough?


The Guardian's Zoe Williams doesn't think so. Read more here.



Davina McCall and Sir Salman Rushdie win at British Book Awards


Menopausing, by McCall and Dr Naomi Potter, was named overall book of the year. Read more here.



Two killed in Spain blast in suspected gender-based violence incident


Two people - a man and woman - died in an explosion in the town of Orio in northern Spain, the Basque regional security department said on Tuesday, and media cited authorities as saying the incident was being investigated as likely gender-based violence. Read more here.



Let’s teach children about slavery properly by connecting it to our present


When treated purely as historical fact, the slave trade can be dismissed as an evil of the past – the reality is very different, writes Lola Okolosie here.



Where to get help if you're struggling to buy baby formula: Food banks, baby banks and local authorities


As the price of infant formula soars, more parents are struggling to afford it - if you're among them, here are some places you can turn to for help. Read more here.



What's happened to China's Uyghur Camps?


China claimed the phase of "re-education" is over - but this does not tell the whole story. Read more here.



Equality and Human Rights Commission - Business plan 2023 to 2024


The plan focusses on six hey areas: Equality in a changing workplace; AI and digital services; Effective Legal Framework; Children and Young People; Fostering Good Relations; and Health and Social Care. Read more here.



Born in Damascus


Laura, a Scottish-Syrian film-maker, reconnects online with her closest cousin Lujain after 10 years apart. Their paths were separated by war, and now Laura hopes to reconstruct a positive image of the past by sharing memories and family videos with Lujain, who fled to Canada. Watch here.



Katie Price fears Harvey won’t get dream job due to stigma around disability


Harvey, 20, was born with septo-optic dysplasia, a rare disorder that affects his vision, brain function, and hormones, but Katie doesn’t want that to hold him back from having a career. However, the mum-of-five is quickly discovering it’s not that easy to achieve. Read more here.


and finally.....


The shop where the currency is kindness


Introducing the shop that’s pioneering a new type of retail – one where goods are exchanged not for cash, but time. Read more here.