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DM Weekly Digest 12/05/2023

Police still making dreadful recruitment moves, watchdog warns


Police are still making “dreadful” decisions about who they let into their ranks, a watchdog said on Thursday as it warned that the Met will miss some key targets for purging rogue officers and stopping others joining. Read more here.



Poland remains EU’s worst country for LGBT people, finds rainbow ranking


Poland remains the worst country in the European Union for LGBT people – a position it has held since 2020 – according to the annual Rainbow Europe index released by ILGA-Europe, a Brussels-based NGO. Read more here.



UK is a hostile environment for LGBTQ+ journalists, study suggests


Meanwhile, LGBTQ+ journalists face a hostile environment in the UK, with most finding themselves the objects of online harassment and abuse, a study has suggested. Read more here.



Surrey mum whose baby died at five weeks old says she feared being labelled 'angry Black woman'


A Surrey mum whose baby died just a few weeks after she was born said medics did not listen to her - and believes it was due to "unconscious bias" because of the colour of her skin. Lois Carew Doyley's daughter Markeshia, died with strep B infection at just five weeks old. Read more here.



Meet Melanie and Chayse: The disabled woman and her sex worker


According to the UK Disability Survey, published by the government in 2021, just 56% of the general population said they would feel comfortable in an intimate relationship with a disabled person. Read more here.



RFU: 'Distinguished member' banned for racist comment during 2022 Six Nations


The Rugby Football Union has banned a 'distinguished member' from Twickenham for making a racist comment at England v Wales in the 2022 Six Nations. Read more here.



A wide gender gap exists at central banks: IMF survey


Less than half of workers employed in advanced economy central banks are women, but on average only a third of women are economists or managers, according to an IMF Survey. Read more here.



How Ubisoft taps the strengths of its neurodiverse employees in game development


About 18% of game development professionals identify themselves as neurodivergent, according to a census by the United Kingdom’s trade group, UKIE. The key is turning that neurodivergence into an advantage. Read more here.



Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu is gaining widespread praise for the way she dealt with a situation on Jeremy Vine Extra, when the host struggled to say her name correctly.


The presenter tried to continue with the interview after trying and failing to say her guest’s name in full, in a moment that mirrored an interaction Dr Shola had with Kate Garraway on Good Morning Britain in 2022. Read more here.



And finally, yes it's here!


The Eurovision Song Contest is under way in Liverpool - a complete guide can be found here.