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Zeus Ltd - Performance psychology

Zeus Ltd are Registered Psychologists with experience of working with high performing people and teams, often in unique or challenging contexts. 
We are experienced in helping people who are taking on tough challenges, sometimes life changing experiences, or are starting to work in extreme conditions; sometimes these are ordinary people who are undertaking the extraordinary or high performing people wanting to perform extraordinarily.
We bring together Occupational Psychology and Sport Psychology in order to have a refined understanding of the best of what science has to offer in using psychology to help individuals and teams to perform extraordinarily.

We have worked in many different contexts ranging from ocean rowing, Olympics and Paralympics, Arctic expeditions, professional football, business executive teams, doctors, expedition leaders, elite sport coaches.

Our belief is that practical experience is absolutely key to helping people to become all they aspire to be, but alone it only gives you part of the expertise, the main part in our view is quality assured psychological qualifications.  This combination gives us the ability to diagnose and be incisive about what will make the most significant contribution to performance gains.



If you would like to find out more about Consultancy, please contact us on 02475 101500