Our partners

Families Blossoming

Families Blossoming provide Professional Coaching and Emotional Wellness Services for Parents, Professionals and Organisations.  Services include

  • Coaching programmes for parents, individuals and group coaching.
  • Wellness Programmes - including Leadership Wellness, Organisational Wellness (addressing culture), Empowerment wellness (confidence building, enhancing positive engagement)  and Diversity Wellness (the importance of inclusive and diverse culture and leadership).
  • Workshops, training and facilitation - Leadership Development, Leadership, Diversity and Empowerment wellness; Maternal infant health (NICU); Parenting (NICU/Special Needs and Traditional)
  • Strategy Development (Teams/Organisations) - The facilitation and development of a bespoke strategic plan for teams and organisations inclusive of a sustainable behavioural cultural roadmap.



If you would like to find out more about Consultancy, please contact us on 02475 101500