Our team

Sim Fitzgerald

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and Coach

Sim is a highly skilled trainer with more than 10 years experience developing and delivering high-quality training that has been proven to enhance people’s awareness, skills and importantly, how they then behave. 

She’s worked with a range of organisations in the public, private and charity sectors as well as delivering programmes directly to people within the Criminal Justice System. 

Sim brings a wealth of experience and perspectives from  roles that span service delivery, Learning and Development, and Business Development including a position as Head of Enterprise. She now runs her own thriving coaching practice as a fully qualified personal development coach (this also includes specific feminist coaching).  

She also holds an MA in Race and Ethnicity with Distinction from City University. Throughout her career, she has combined this strong theoretical foundation with a practical approach to embed equality, diversity and inclusion so that everyone who works in or with an organisation is valued as they are and able to reach their full potential. 

Sim believes that the world is missing out on the positive contributions of people from marginalised groups and is committed to working towards changing that.

Sim has supported many clients working with Diverse Matters which has included race inclusion, anti-racist practice, gender inclusion. social mobility and intersectionality.

If you would like to find out more about Consultancy, please contact us on 02475 101500