Our team

Samantha Goober

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Samantha holds a MA in Higher Education Administration with a concentration in Student Affairs and has a wealth of experience designing and redesigning programmes to be more inclusive and intersectional. She has held posts at several American colleges and universities, where she has focussed primarily on sexual violence prevention and response, as well as creating more inclusive, supportive spaces for colleagues and students.

Samantha also has significant experience designing and leading trainings for a variety of stakeholder groups, focussing on topics ranging from victim support to privilege and allyship. She leans heavily on her experience supporting survivors of sexual violence, and uses a trauma-informed lens in all of her work. Samantha also has a background in the arts, with experience co-leading artistic and educational initiatives at a professional theatre company, and a BA in English and Theatre Arts.

Samantha believes education is a crucial step to eliminating oppressive behaviours, practices, and/or systems in any organisation. She is passionate about working with individuals and organisations in an accessible and collaborative manner to help create more equitable and inclusive environments for all.

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