Our team

Paul Skovron

Diversity and Inclusion consultant - Project Management lead

Paul is a leader and ambassador in equality, diversity and inclusion with a reputation for helping organisations on the diversity journey. He has an extensive background, having worked in Financial Services, as a performance and talent people leader responsible for several functional teams. Paul performed a crucial role as lead of an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Panel with a focus on inclusivity and strategic initiatives. He has a strong track record that includes diversity and IT programme management as well as Organisational Design; Stakeholder Management; Training; Communications; Governance and Portfolio Management.

Paul now channels his passion for diversity and inclusion by using his skills and experiences as a coach and consultant. Working with organisations, by focusing them on maximising business outcomes and achieving greater profit through diversity, he helps create an inclusive culture and an environment where employees are valued, empowered, engaged and motivated.

He has delivered diversity related talks at events along with specific engagements for organisations.

Paul’s track record of achievements is varied and impressive having established a strong reputation and a network of contacts that help to create best practice, collaborative, environments.

Paul is Chair of Partners for Inclusion, a charity dedicated to helping people with learning and mental disabilities and Vice Chair of LEAP Sports Scotland, an LGBT charity promoting equality in sports. Paul co-founded a professional diversity networking group which ran successfully for 8 years.

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