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Melanie Allcott

Workplace Wellbeing Consultant

Melanie has 25 years’ experience in the workplace wellness industry, starting at pioneering work-life consultancy Work-Family Directions in the late 90s. Melanie’s experience has seen her work with a wide variety of UK-based and global organisations to manage employee wellness solutions including Employee Assistance (EAP), wellness training, critical incident support, and outplacement programmes.

Melanie qualified as a workplace trainer in 2006, gaining a Diploma in Stress Management, and her corporate training work began with delivering work-life and stress management training. She now designs and delivers training programmes on a wide range of business and wellbeing topics to support employees’ physical, mental and emotional health, including people skills, mental health, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Melanie also has experience running her own wellness practice, providing one-to-one support and complementary therapies for positive health and wellbeing. In this area she specialises in stress, burnout, women’s health and mindfulness.


The common thread running through Melanie’s experience over the years has been to help people. From a business perspective it's about helping HR teams maximise the benefits of their employee wellbeing solutions, building engagement, efficiency and resiliency. At an individual level it's about practical support to help people feel well, and live happier, healthier lives.


Melanie is passionate about promoting the power of self-care and wellbeing to positively influence people’s professional and personal experiences. Empowering individuals to take charge of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and encouraging them to open up conversations, share ideas and learn from one another is something that Melanie finds hugely rewarding in the work that she does.


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