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Khesha Patel

Diversity & Inclusion support

Khesha has a background of working within the Employment sector, covering both public and private areas, which includes Outsourcing, Recruitment, HR and currently is an Employment Consultant. She has experience working with empowering and encouraging a range of clients into paid employment. Clients include, but not limited to, individuals who are homeless, to those with mental health matters, LGBTQI+ community, individuals with different types of disabilities and individuals who face short/long term unemployment.

Khesha has a CMI level 5 award in Managing Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I), is qualified as a Mental Health First Aider and has a degree in Sociology from Durham University.

Khesha has developed a keen interest in driving forward ED&I in the workplace. She is part of two innovation teams in the current company she works at, which includes the sustainability innovation team and an Equal, Diverse and Inclusion innovation team. In relation to ED&I, she has experience in developing policies, conducting research and sharing best practices.

Her future goals include further career and academic development within the ED&I field and she is driven to make a difference for current and future generations. In her downtime she enjoys going for long walks in the countryside, swimming, cooking and spending time with her family and cats.

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