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Ian Thompson

Diversity and Inclusion consultant

Ian Thompson is the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) former Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, a role he held for over 8 years.

From an extensive background in community development, Ian previously held a dual role of a Counsellor and Diversity Co-ordinator for a local authority though was presented and readily accepted an opportunity to work at the heart of the Counselling and Psychotherapy profession. The immediate challenges were influencing change and improving the accessibility of therapeutic services to disadvantaged groups. One of the many projects Ian set up was a framework for Counselling services and training  institutions to ensure equality of provision and diversity mindfulness, in particular around self-evaluation.

A qualified trainer, with a portfolio of training provision to a wide array of audiences, including, ministers, police, counsellors, students and legal and the judiciary. For the last five years Ian has been working in secondary and Further Education.

Ian’s motivation emanates from having a strong background in welfare rights and equity in service provision has always been a priority for him as he endeavours to ensure that public and private bodies are more culturally, ethically, morally responsive and appropriate to the needs of people from marginalised groups.

Ian is currently a tutor/teacher in Further Education and has experience of teaching in primary and secondary school.  Ian also holds a Masters in counselling.

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