Our team

Fran Condry

Education consultant

Fran has been working as a teacher for 15 years, after training in London and working in schools in the borough of Hackney; teaching in an orphanage in Bolivia and completing research projects on autism in children. Her passion for matters of diversity and inclusion come primarily from two places. Firstly, at work, from seeing first-hand the positive impact it can have on a child from an ethnic minority when they are engaged in a curriculum that is diverse and inclusive. Secondly, at home, from bringing up three children from a mixed ethnic background, one of whom also has many disabilities.
Fran ensures that any individual barriers to achievement are removed for the children in her care, ensuring that no child is left behind, and everyone feels connected and able to learn. She recently redesigned the humanities curriculum to ensure that people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures are included as an integral part of the teaching and learning in school. She completed a National Leadership Qualification and focused her project on raising the standards and achievements of underperforming male groups in the school. Working in partnership with a boys' secondary school, she implemented a mentoring programme to inspire the young boys to achieve to their greatest potential. 

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